Our Fleet

Due to a shortage of mobilised CT and MRI scanning assets in the UK TIC decided to develop their own fleet of mobiles. The brief was that they would enable high customer uptime, by enabling quick deployment of a backup unit to Canon customers. Furthermore, it became apparent that there was demand for modern, high quality, latest technology equipment in this environment for both the public and the private sector.

Key to the philosophy was that this fleet had to contain the very latest technology, with capability to fulfil the widest range of applications so nearly all patients could be scanned. The units had to be fully loaded with connectivity, IT, communications and capability to be instantly integrated into existing hospital networks. The interior design had to be inspiring, for both staff and patients, and with Freeview TV, integrated music, and air conditioning, to name a few, be comfortable and pleasant to be in.

Supported by Canon Medical Systems with the best reputation in the industry for after sales support, uptime, and customer training, these units are designed to be best-in-class.