Respecting Privacy and Dignity of Patients

The Imaging centre Recognises that:

  • Respect for individuals should be at the heart of all our services
  • Many of our users are vulnerable
  • Users of our services may have to expose intimate and personal parts of themselves (physical bodies, emotional needs and personal details) to strangers

The imaging Centre is therefore committed to:

  • Quality care – ensuring that the highest standards, clinically safe and effective care is at the heart of all we do
  • Personalised care – ensuring that each patient or user of our service, experience care tailored to their individual health & social care needs & diversity.
  • Dignified care – ensuring that care in any setting in which it is provided does not undermine a patient’s dignity & individuality
  • Confidentially and trust

TIC accepts that Dignity:

  • Is each individual’s innate right to self and social: respect, ethical treatment and esteem
  • Is fundamental to the care and services offered to our patients
  • Is something all people require, should experience and most people know when they have been treated with dignity
  • Includes many things but the following are key: openness, confidentiality, autonomy, privacy, personal hygiene, nutrition
  • Needs effective arrangements (e.g. policies, training etc.) based on promoting and providing: respect; equality, diversity and human rights; safeguarding of vulnerable persons
  • Can be evidenced in practical ways. This includes: polite & courteous staff
  • It can be measured in practical ways. For example by Dignity Checklist / Audits and Equality Impact Assessments

The dignity checklist reminds our staff of ways that dignity can be promoted in their practice while audits measure how well this is done.